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Imagery and Healing

The Mirror Of Our Emotions

  The skin is a mirror of the inner self, and we frequently use phrases which reflect this; ‘getting under your skin’, ‘thin skinned’, ‘thick skinned’, ‘itching to do something’ for example. These all reflect the fact that it is recognized as a measure of our vulnerability. We use these… [Continue Reading...]

Truth and Illusion

The secret of creating anything intentionally with hypnosis (or with prayer) consists of “acting as if” – experiencing that which you desire to be, have, or do in your outer world – as if it were real for you now, in your subjective reality – in your imagination, in your… [Continue Reading...]

Self Hypnosis and Mental Imagery (Part Two)

Prior to embarking on the use of Mental Imagery, you may want to be hypnotized by a trained Hypnotherapist first; he/she can teach you how to do self-hypnosis.  Or, you might consider purchasing the Self Hypnosis CD for sale on this website.  You also might want to put a personalized… [Continue Reading...]

The Cosmic Perspective in Healing

The cosmic perspective is a way of looking at the world with transformed eyes. It’s the ability to witness our struggles, patterns, relationships, our suffering from a panoramic point of view. Usually we’re caught up in our struggles and our patterns; we have no way of seeing them clearly. Through… [Continue Reading...]

Imagery And Healing Stories

Imagery is a flow of thoughts you may see, hear, feel, smell, or taste.  An image is an inner representation of your experience of your fantasies – a way your mind codes, stores, and expresses information.  Imagery is made up of the dreams and daydreams; memories and reminiscence; plans, projections,… [Continue Reading...]

Anchoring and Hypnotherapy

  To begin, one might ask what exactly a hypnotic anchor is.  Simply put, a hypnotic anchor is an association to any life memory.  “Hypnotic anchors” are composed using all of our senses including, sight, sound, smell, taste, and sensation. When applying a “hypnotic anchor”, the greater number of senses… [Continue Reading...]

Intuitive Hypnosis

  Intuitive Hypnosis recognizes and acknowledges that all of us have at times experienced a feeling of knowing, a hunch and questioned if indeed we have psychic abilities. This does not dismiss rational thinking or learning or specialization; it frees the individual from the submission to methods, procedures and teachers… [Continue Reading...]