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Natural Trance States

Our Unconscious Trance States

  Most people slip in and out of various kinds of trance states hundreds of times during what is called the “normal waking state.” Gurdjieff taught that to become aware that you are asleep, is the first step in waking up. If you are interested in staying awake, it is… [Continue Reading...]

Trance And Temperaments

There is a growing need to get together, as a body, to unify therapy.  The different schools (of therapy) stay away from one another, not only to develop their individual approaches but also because they do not yet have a unifying paradigm which can be agreed upon by all. Some… [Continue Reading...]


Obesity can affect sexual intimacy and relationships – ARTICLE

A cornerstone of our lives, some would argue the most important part of our lives as humans, is our relationship to other humans.  While not everybody enjoys monogamy, many people do.  But body image, and obesity can turn the very thing that should be the most positive and supporting element… [Continue Reading...]


Hypnotherapy: What’s It Really All About?

Articles « Back to full list of articles Hypnotherapy: What’s It Really All About? Hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis to enable you to take control of feelings, behaviors, habits, and self-image.  In the last twenty years I have seen just about every possible human problem one can imagine. … [Continue Reading...]

Suggestion Formulation and Application

In order to get the most from self-hypnosis you must use suggestions. It is through suggestions that you specify your goals and direct the subconscious to the achievement of those goals. Once your subconscious is in alignment with your conscious goals their achievement is usually automatic. Getting that alignment can… [Continue Reading...]

145 Ways Hypnotherapy Might Help You

Stress Management Motivation Self-Confidence Weight Control Self-Image Remove Anxieties Release Worry Remove Guilt Forgiveness Nail Biting Frustration Assertiveness Remove Public Speaking Fears Memory Improvement Concentration Lower Blood Pressure Stop Smoking Stage Fright Setting/Reaching Goals Stop Procrastination Change Unwanted Habits Improve Sales Attitude Adjustment Career Success Exam Anxiety Relationship Enhancement Hair… [Continue Reading...]


Hypnotherapy With Non Doers

Hypnotherapy With Non Doers For the purpose of this presentation, “Non-Achievers” may be defined as students or employees who have made a choice not to achieve. I will use the example of “students” to illustrate my discussion. Non-achieving students may be those registered in a course of study, such as… [Continue Reading...]

Meet-Up and learn how Hypnotherapy can help during the Holidays

Hello Everyone, In this season of giving and caring, we sometimes forget in our American striving to “be the best that we can be”, that perhaps it’s ok to relax a little, and just enjoy the holidays.  If you can’t actually “slow down a little’, because all kinds of people… [Continue Reading...]