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On Set with “The Lighthouse” Crew

the lighthouse

Getting into character I just returned from 2 weeks on the road, shooting a film on location in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho. As you all know, my heart is in helping others through hypnotherapy, but I have other passions. One of them is acting and this film, “The Lighthouse”… [Continue Reading…]

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Adele finds help with stage fright through Hypnotherapy

Adele supposedly utilizing hypnotherapy to help defeat anxiety while preparing to perform at the Oscars Even very successful and confident artists need help getting up in front of 30,000 people One might assume that someone as gifted as the singer / songwriter Adele, who wows audiences around the world with… [Continue Reading…]

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Energy Therapy Workshops starting Sept 19

william engle

Energy Therapy Workshops For Continuing Success In the many years that I’ve been using the modality of Energy Therapy within my Hypnotherapy practice, I’ve noticed a rather common thread. In addition to Hypnotherapy, I usually demonstrate the outstanding benefits of Energy Therapy on each client. Many times, during this demonstration,… [Continue Reading…]

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Hospitals turning to hypnosis to help patients & cut costs

In the past, most western-style hospitals dealt more strictly with hardline medical cases requiring surgery or long term care, and didn’t give much thought to the power of hypnosis. But as more people have embraced more “eastern” style medical practices, hospitals have begun to see the benefits that some of… [Continue Reading…]

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Personal success with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

patient chart

A client has graciously agreed to tell her story, so that hopefully others will benefit from her experience. Please take the time to watch this YouTube Video Testimonial of Natalie discussing the amazing results she has had as a result of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.   Natalie has also allowed… [Continue Reading…]

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