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Have you seen this Billboard?


Purpose Driven Hypnotherapy has put up a Billboard “somewhere in Orange County” to help publicize Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy. If you SEE it, Tweet us @VLapBand or @PDHypnosis, or Facebook us, provide the location where you saw it, and we’ll give you one of Dr. Bill Engle’s Self Help Audio… [Continue Reading...]

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Great workshop at La Habra Community Center


About 30 people showed up to find out more about hypnotherapy We had a great gathering of people yesterday, Tuesday August 16, for a hypnotherapy workshop I hosted at the La Habra Community Center. About 30 people showed up, and I was able to address a few people’s particular concerns.… [Continue Reading...]

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Hypnotherapy used to control asthma

A growing amount of asthma sufferers are using Hypnotherapy to control their condition. It has emerged that by using hypnosis to lower anxiety levels, asthma sufferers are less prone to asthma attacks during nervous situations. Hypnotherapy sessions can also help those who suffer from the condition remain calm when suffering… [Continue Reading...]

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Reasons for Trying Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy done with an experienced hypnotist will let you focus on what holds an individual back again and again, then find strategies to eliminate it. The simple truth is, you’ve got nothing to shed by providing hypnotherapy the possibility, and everything to acquire. Do you wish to finally take care… [Continue Reading...]

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The real problems with stress arise when you don’t do anything at all. Some people are not aware they are at risk for problems such as heart attack and stroke. Stress is so common and strikes so slowly that few people are aware of any danger till it’s too late.… [Continue Reading...]