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Wondering how Hypnosis might be able to help you?

by William Engle February 8th, 2014 No Comments

I just conducted a very fulfilling demonstration of the power of hypnotherapy at a meeting of the Multiple Sclerosis Organization of Orange County.  It was gratifying to meet people, be presented with their emotional or physical pain issues, and be able to help them.  You may recognize similar issues that you yourself are experiencing, and perhaps realize that one of these therapies could help you.

I met with the group in a church in Brea and most all of the attendees had either Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.  After I explained the Theory of the Mind related to Hypnosis and the development of our Life Scripts, I told them about the principles of Energy Therapy.  Then I asked for volunteers.

The first man that volunteered had negative emotional issues with the memory of his Mother attempting suicide when he was a child.  Through the use of Energy Therapy and hypnotic language and my intuitive approach, he was unable to bring up the sadness at all within 4 minutes.  Several times during the meeting of 2 hours, I would go back to him to ask if he could bring up the sadness.  Each time he said, “no.”  I asked him to try to get sad….he couldn’t.

The next volunteer was a lady who could not stand because of her illness (MS).  She complained of severe pain in her left hand.  She had fallen and fractured the hand and three fingers about 6 weeks ago and it remained very painful.  She was unable to fully open her hand.  After about 4 minutes of me working with her, she was able to completely flex her hand and felt no pain.  People there were amazed because they were all aware of her malady.  She stated, “during the time you were tapping on me, I felt the pain run down my fingers and drip onto the floor.”  I facilitated that with the use of hypnotic language.  Again, several times throughout the meeting, I would go back to her to ask how her hand felt….always receiving a positive response.

The next was a man with MS, whose right side was numb, with various pain throughout his body; he was unable to stand straight.  I tapped on him for awhile…..when I finished, I could see that his posture had gone from bent to standing straight; however, his eyes remained closed and I could tell that he had gone into a trance during the process.  I brought him out of the trance with care and as I did, I noticed the look of amazement in his eyes.  He stated that his right side felt normal and that this was the first time he had been able to stand straight in several years.

The next young lady to volunteer, had a bad knee.  She had suffered a sports injury in 1994 while sliding into 2nd base and had not been able to get rid of the pain since that time.  Within 4-5 minutes, the pain was gone and her knee was flexible and working great.

There were several more volunteers that would be too detailed to go into, but I had 100% success rate with healing, both emotional and physical.  There was a lady and husband there….I had removed the shaking from the husband some time ago at my office (he is a Parkinson’s sufferer) and brought much strength back to his body.  She is going to ask me to speak before two other groups.

Do I make any money at this type of event?  No.  Do I absolutely love these people and the blessing of watching the Lord do wonders for them through me…Resounding Yes.  I am always clear in stating to groups that Christian Hypnotherapist is not an oxymoron.  No good comes from me….it all comes through me.