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Do you want to stop smoking?

Have you wanted to stop smoking for a while, but had fits and starts?

Have you maybe been instructed by a doctor or health professional that you must stop smoking, but are finding that easier said than done?

Hypnotherapy may be hold the answers for you.

stop smokingAnd if you’re wondering what that means, come down tonight to the La Habra Community Center from 6-9pm to hear me talk about hypnotherapy techniques and how they may help you.

Just last week we had a wonderful workshop. In addition to helping several people learn techniques that will stop them from feeling that urge to smoke, I was able to address a few other issues that people had.

One participant described the scars of an emotional trauma that she’d carried with her for 35 years, that was holding her back from accomplishing things in her life. Within 4 minutes I was able to remove these fears, and allow her to function much more freely. She was absolutely amazed.

I’ve seen help people time and time again!! It’s simply Energy Therapy. We can all remove negative emotions from our lives. It’s not magic, but a very fundamental use of Energy Therapy; performed while you are completely awake.

If you would like to see it in action, please email me at my contact email address, or come to the workshop I’m holding tonight at La Habra Community Center. I run workshops almost every week on a certain theme, but I encourage anybody who’s interested in Hypnotherapy techniques to attend, and come with questions. This week, the workshop is focusing on how hypnotherapy can help remove the urge to smoke, but there are also techniques for helping people to stop feeling hungry, known as “Virtual Lap Band Hynposis”, which I would be happy to talk about.


Hope you can join us!

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