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On Set with “The Lighthouse” Crew

Getting into character
the lighthouse

I just returned from 2 weeks on the road, shooting a film on location in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho. As you all know, my heart is in helping others through hypnotherapy, but I have other passions. One of them is acting and this film, “The Lighthouse” gave me a wonderful opportunity to dust off my acting chops.

I was working with co-directors, Andrew & Nate Garcia, of Second Mile Media, who are actually brothers. Their wonderful ability to collaborate & cooperate together really combined to make this one of my best film acting experiences. They are also fabulous filmmakers, and they actually put together this short feature of interviews with me on set. I thought I’d share it with you so you could see what I’ve been up to. In case you don’t recognize me: I did a little “method acting” and grew a beard for my role, which I’ve since shaved off . Please take a gander and give me any feedback. You are all film critics to me and I encourage the interaction.

The Lighthouse Featurette: Meet Bill Engle from Andrew Garcia on Vimeo