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Do you wish you eat less?
Do you eat to control your feelings?
Did you ever felt frustrated and hopeless about your weight?
Or do you wish to feel differently about food, about yourself, and about life?
This eBook answers all your questions and will guide you more about “How to stop emotional eating?” It provides you with some proven solutions and ideas necessary to overcome emotional eating problem. The idea of writing this eBook is to bring a dynamic and lasting change necessary to transform your body and your relationship with food whenever you are feeling emotionally low.

About Author

Bill Engle is a Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist, with over 26 years experience in the field of Hypnosis. He graduated with Honors from the renowned Hypnosis Motivation Institute; the only nationally accredited school of Hypnosis in America. He was awarded the HMI Director’s Award for Exceptional Professional Achievement during Clinical Residency; and the HMI Academic Achievement Award for Remarkable Performance and Achievements. He is a member of the Honor Roll Society at HMI with a GPA of greater than 4.0.

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