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On Set with “The Lighthouse” Crew

the lighthouse

Getting into character I just returned from 2 weeks on the road, shooting a film on location in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho. As you all know, my heart is in helping others through hypnotherapy, but I have other passions. One of them is acting and this film, “The Lighthouse” gave me a wonderful opportunity to dust off my acting chops. I was working with co-directors, Andrew & Nate Garcia, of Second Mile Media, who are actually brothers. Their wonderful ability to collaborate & cooperate together really combined to make this one of my best film acting experiences. They are… [Continue Reading…]

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Adele finds help with stage fright through Hypnotherapy

Adele supposedly utilizing hypnotherapy to help defeat anxiety while preparing to perform at the Oscars Even very successful and confident artists need help getting up in front of 30,000 people One might assume that someone as gifted as the singer / songwriter Adele, who wows audiences around the world with her voice, would not be a victim of stage fright. She looks and sounds confident in this amazing live performance via NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series back in 2011. She’s seemingly comfortable, talking amiably with the audience, and delivers an impeccable unadorned vocal performance that sends chills down the spine.… [Continue Reading…]

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Energy Therapy Workshops starting Sept 19

william engle

Energy Therapy Workshops For Continuing Success In the many years that I’ve been using the modality of Energy Therapy within my Hypnotherapy practice, I’ve noticed a rather common thread. In addition to Hypnotherapy, I usually demonstrate the outstanding benefits of Energy Therapy on each client. Many times, during this demonstration, the client experiences one or more dramatic negative emotions eliminated from their mind, never to return. If you have been to my office, you probably remember this. The client is very happy and usually very relieved in this release. In many cases they feel a significant shift in their perception… [Continue Reading…]

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Hospitals turning to hypnosis to help patients & cut costs

In the past, most western-style hospitals dealt more strictly with hardline medical cases requiring surgery or long term care, and didn’t give much thought to the power of hypnosis. But as more people have embraced more “eastern” style medical practices, hospitals have begun to see the benefits that some of these practices can bring to the patient experience. As this article in the New York Times discusses, hypnosis is one of the ways hospitals have embraced a more progressive outlook on modern health. While patients may still require surgery and other procedures, hypnosis can help improve a patient’s overall hospital… [Continue Reading…]

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Personal success with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

patient chart

A client has graciously agreed to tell her story, so that hopefully others will benefit from her experience. Please take the time to watch this YouTube Video Testimonial of Natalie discussing the amazing results she has had as a result of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.   Natalie has also allowed us to share a graphical representation of her successful weight loss, as a further encouragement to others. You can see the dramatic weight loss she began to achieve even from the very start. This chart shows her weight loss after only 3 months. Currently, she is down to 240 (from… [Continue Reading…]

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Succeeding with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy where other techniques fail

We’ve all seen the headlines about America today: We’re all overweight and out of shape. We read endless articles urging us to eat our fruits and vegetables and to walk a little bit more, maybe run around the track; join a gym; start swimming. While that’s true, what the headlines and statistics about weight and nutrition don’t tell you, is the underlying causes for obesity in America. There are many. But the patients I see, and whom I can help, are usually the ones who have been trying and trying for decades to lose weight, and have been unsuccessful, because they… [Continue Reading…]

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Meet-Up and learn how Hypnotherapy can help during the Holidays

Hello Everyone, In this season of giving and caring, we sometimes forget in our American striving to “be the best that we can be”, that perhaps it’s ok to relax a little, and just enjoy the holidays. If you can’t actually “slow down a little’, because all kinds of people or family are depending on you, how do you manage the stress, and manage to have some fun yourself? Perhaps learning a little Hypnotherapy can help you. It can also help you even after the holidays are over. In order to help people better understand how Hypnotherapy can help them,… [Continue Reading…]

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Stars, they’re just like us!

In the current issue of Vogue magazine, Charlize Theron talks about lots of things. The most interesting to us, is that she talked about how she successfully stopped smoking. The rumor is that she utilized hypnotherapy to do so, although hasn’t quite gone on record saying so. She’s not alone however. If true, she would join other celebrities like Bruce Bochy, manager of the San Francisco Giants, Ellen de Generes, and Matt Damon, who have publicly acknowledged their use of hypnotherapy to help them stop feeling the urge to smoke. And praised the process. Watch Ellen get hypnotized on her… [Continue Reading…]

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Do you want to stop smoking?

stop smoking

Have you wanted to stop smoking for a while, but had fits and starts? Have you maybe been instructed by a doctor or health professional that you must stop smoking, but are finding that easier said than done? Hypnotherapy may be hold the answers for you. And if you’re wondering what that means, come down tonight to the La Habra Community Center from 6-9pm to hear me talk about hypnotherapy techniques and how they may help you. Just last week we had a wonderful workshop. In addition to helping several people learn techniques that will stop them from feeling that… [Continue Reading…]

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Helping America’s Veterans with Hypnotherapy at Santa Ana Stand Down Event

standdown hynothearapy

This past weekend, I was blessed to work with the Veterans First of Orange County at the first annual “Stand Down” event in Orange County. They’ve been doing this for 12 years in San Diego. It was an unbelievable experience. Organizer, Deanne Tate, told me I was the first Hypnotherapist they have ever had volunteer. What an amazing place to work…what an amazing place to connect with those who need you.   There were about 600 participants, veterans of current conflicts and past conflicts, going back as far as the Korean War. They had all put themselves in harms way… [Continue Reading…]