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Hospitals learning the benefits of hypnosis – ARTICLE

In the past, most western-style hospitals dealt more strictly with hardline medical cases requiring surgery or long term care, and didn’t give much thought to the power of hypnosis.

But as more people have embraced more “eastern” style medical practices,  hospitals have begun to see the benefits that some of these practices can bring to the patient experience.

As this article in the New York Times discusses, hypnosis is one of the ways hospitals have embraced a more progressive outlook on modern health.  While patients may still require surgery and other procedures, hypnosis can help improve a patient’s overall hospital experience by reducing anxiety, helping with pain management, and even help speed recovery from surgery.

Most importantly in this day and age of rising health costs, hypnosis can help reduce the need for medication or the time spend in the hospital, further encouraging hospitals to offer hypnosis to patients.


Even I have benefited from the power of post-op hypnosis.  As many of you may know, I had open heart surgery about two years ago.  It was not due to a lifestyle choice.  For example, I don’t smoke, drink or eat fatty foods.  My problem was a birth defect.  I was told by the surgeon that my next symptom would be “sudden death” and that they would not be able to “bring you back” due to the nature of my malady.

So my first visit to a hospital was for a very invasive procedure, involving breaking my ribs, to get to my heart.  Realizing the serious amount of pain this type of surgery would expose me to, I contacted a Hypnotherapist friend of mine and asked her to do a recording for me to prepare my body for the surgery, to begin the healing process even before the first cut.

This, coupled with many prayers of course, made my surgical experience and recovery amazing.  I never experienced pain.  Believe it or not, I was walking 3 miles within 2 weeks following the surgery; back in the office seeing clients within 4 weeks;  and was back in the gym pumping iron within 12 weeks.

I am a living example of the healing prospects of Hypnosis.

The doctors were calling me Superman because of the recovery, but I know that Hypnosis, always coupled with prayer, made the difference.

The Hypnotherapist who provided the recording for me, Seth-Deborah Roth, in San Francisco, told me she first experienced the marvelous healing capacity of Hypnosis when her young daughter had a broken wrist.  She was able to reduce the healing process by 50%.

Today, I only know I had this surgery when I open my shirt.

Is obesity affecting intimacy for you?

A cornerstone of our lives, some would argue the most important part of our lives as humans, is our relationship to other humans.  While not everybody enjoys monogamy, many people do.  But body image, and obesity can turn the very thing that should be the most positive and supporting element of our personal lives, into a burden. 

Body image, sex and intimacy: not easy things to talk about in a relationship, when it’s a problem.  Rather than broaching the subject, couples avoid hard conversations making intimacy difficult.

All different kinds of issues can trip up relationships, so if there are issues with obesity, it would be nice to get those out of the way, and hypnosis can help.  This story that appeared on NPR highlighted the frustration encountered by several couples because of one or both partners’ body image and obesity issues.  One of the interviewees wanted to do something about her weight, and make it less of an issue, and actually underwent Bariatric surgery.

That can be a solution.  But a less invasive and less expensive option is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.  The beauty of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, is that the underlying emotional issues that may be causing a persons weight gain, and body image issues, can also be addressed through hypnotherapy.  So a patient can actually achieve much longer lasting effects, with less risk.

If you or anybody you know feel that you have hit a wall in a relationship, and believe that a weight issue may be a larger part of the problem (or perhaps you want to be in a relationship, and feel that obesity issues are holding you back), definitely contact me to discuss the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy process, and how it could help you.

I am having a lot of success with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy via Skype  skype,  so Skype sessions can also be scheduled, if distance is an issue.

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